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Entrepreneurs with a winning mindset

The lesson from the entrepreneurs mindset by James Moore. We will be going through some of the lessons contained in the book by James Moore.

Researchers are very keen to learn from the experience of others to avoid us going through the same mistakes.

The whole point of this blog is to help entrepreneurs to become more successful. More often than not, we emphasize the importance of entrepreneurship. There is no doubt that entrepreneurship helps our communities and our countries at large. Successful entrepreneurs bring innovation, disrupts the market, employ people and help to lift the standard of living.

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So the question then is how do we make entrepreneurship to not only be the buzz word, but to make entrepreneurs be more successful? At the moment, the success rates of new businesses are less than 30% over 10 years. If we are able to flip that number so that at least 70% of businesses survive their 10th anniversary then we will increase the chances of not only the next generation of entrepreneurs, we will also make it easier for them to get access to funds and provide more people to have the confidence to take the plunge and become entrepreneurs.

The best way to do this is to learn from the different successful entrepreneurs. There is no point in making the same mistakes that have been made by others. We can easily stand on the shoulders of many great entrepreneurs. We can share their knowledge and improve from where they left of.

The Entrepreneurs Mindset contains some qualities that great entrepreneurs must have. The first is that the6 must have a winning mindset or mentality. A winning mindset means that you need to set off with a strong belief that you want to be successful in your venture. A half hearted start or attitude will not do. Having the belief that this is a game you are going to win is important. Entrepreneurs must have bags of energy and a lot of beliefs in their idea.

Another lesson from the book is that entrepreneurs must embrace and welcome change. The only thing in the world that is constant is change. Whether we like it or not, the world is constantly changing and therefore we must embrace change. Even when you have a great idea, you can not afford to ride the same idea for too long. The competitors are just around the corner, so striving for and embracing change is important. Henry Ford, the father of mass production suffered the same fate when he refused to change the colour of his very successful Model T.

Another lesson from the book is about delayed gratification. We all want to enjoy today, but entrepreneurs may have to make some sacrifices today in order to reap the rewards in the future. We have learned of Elon Musk. There were days when he had to sleep in his office or even when his office was his home. Like a farmer, it may be necessary to plant today to reap the harvest in the future.

Focus on your goal and the end game. Where is your destination? Let that destination or Nirvana be your driver. The success of your venture does not have to be measured in monetary terms, but in your contributions and legacy.

When you have a purpose which is impacting people and you are making a living from that which you do, then you are successful.

According to Moore, the best ways to find your purpose are below;

Start by making a list of the 10 things that will make you happy. Then work through the skills you have against the list, rank your list in order at which they will make you happiest, then in the order of potential income with the score of 10 to the ones that will make you the happiest and one to the least happy one.

Now is the time to start working on achieving the items on your list. The entrepreneurial mindset is to do things that make them happy first, because it is in doing this that they can be at their best. This is when they can be innovative and find their genius. Entrepreneurs operate best when they are at their best.


Treat every failure as an experience to learn from.

Never give up, keep at it


Think and dream big

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