The Wilma Rudolph story

Who was Wilma Rudolph?

There are many stories of people who have gone beyond expectations due to their determination. Wilma Rudolph is a name to remember when it comes to people who achieved so much even when the odds are stacked  against them. This story is to honour a great athlete and remember her grit and determination to succeed.

Wilma was born in 1940 on a farm in Tuskegee, Alabama, USA. This was at a time of segregation and discrimination against African Americans. To make matters worse, she contracted polio at the age of 5 and was unable to walk unaided. She walked with braces for many years and was told she would never be able to walk unaided. Imagine a person who could barely walk but had a dream to run. Her dream was to be one of the fastest runners of all times. Really?

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No fear

Some people have no fear, right? but that was what made this lady remarkable. Encouraged by her mother, she began to run and even got an athletic scholarship to university. As she was planning her athletics career, she became pregnant. Whoooo!!. Was that enough to stop this lady, absolutely not. Despite the challenge, she got ready for the 1960 Olympics in Rome and won gold in the 100 meters, 200 meters and helped the USA relay team to win gold in the 100m by 4 relay.

Lesson in grit and determination

The lesson here is that we can overcome any adversity, if we put our minds to it. There is no limit to the extent that we can dream,  but, dreams must be followed by the action to succeed. Another lesson is that despite our circumstances, we can all achieve so much, if we dream big and focus on the end game.

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Another trail blazer was Bertha Benz of the Mercedes Benz fame

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