The serenity of silence



Silence can be golden

In this new world of social media and with everyone trying to outdo the other on who can shout the loudest, silence can be golden for entrepreneurs who behave the opposite of what everyone else is doing.

We are advised to post items regularly and to consistently advertise what we do, this may be true, but it may also have less impact as people get used to our shouting at every opportunity that they suffer from information overload.

But when you speak only when you have a critical product or service to offer, then you command more attention than if you are continuously in everyone’s space.

A world of noise

As people, we love a bit of misery about others we don’t know, but for those who make their business a public affair, then we get bored rather quickly as we search for new information and more interesting and even outrageous things. Companies like Apple, Microsoft and Google appear to the world when they have important news and we all listen with intent, but if they post updates about their products, then we get so used to their updates that they will have less impact on us.

Steve Jobs of Apple Inc. was an expert at keeping us guessing, we waited with great anticipation and the press lapped up every word that the great ‘magician’ of presentation uttered. Customers love the mystery and anticipation, so better to give them your best work when you are ready and get their responses.

It is an advice that may go against the norm, but there is a misery about a person that does not say much, we are all intrigued by those than the ones who we deem to be chatter boxes. Keep the misery and keep people guessing unless you have something great to talk about.

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There is a saying about empty bottles making a lot more noise than the ones that are full. There is also a reason why organisations guide their secrets jealously so that not everyone is allowed to know what they are doing until they are ready.

Knowing of financial systems

Dr. Ade Otukoya B.Sc, LLB, FCCA, MBA, PhD

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