The people who build innovative things for fun

I love the people who just do things just because they can. Just imagine someone building an aeroplane or a car just because they can. Magic.

Those who build

Some of the most spectacular products were made out of people’s search for things, their passion or necessities. I have always wondered what some people think about whilst others enjoy a bit of Netflix or check out their social media accounts. For many geniuses though this might be in the form of building new projects or designing new things to make life easier for themselves or others.

If you are one of those people, then the attached video will help you to know that you are not alone and you are not mad. Well, depending on how you look at life anyway.

Dreaming about things

Here are some strange example; a man’s love for a Lamborghini sports car led him to build one from scratch rather than just dream of the impossible. Many years and a lot of money and hard work, his dream finally came true. There are hundreds of people like this in the world. They never believe that anything is impossible. Innovators and entrepreneurs are exactly like that. They look for things and if they are unavailable or beyond their reach, they focus on making them. It took our forefathers hundreds of years to make the first aeroplane and now some people can build planes and helicopters from scratch at home.

What are the things that you really want or you cannot afford, but must have? Is it time for you to pursue that dream at the expense of other things.

Here are some samples of home made planes. Why will anyone want to build their own planes? But why not?



If you are not a plane enthusiast, you may be interested in other things that others around the world are making. So here is another video to motivate and get you thinking about what you can do.


Home made is even better

From the homemade geniuses and now for those interested in the building of planes and the details involved from the production of planes to the delivery of them to the airlines.

The video above is only for the aviation enthusiasts. I am obviously one of those and hence I have taken my time in watching the manufacturing of planes and the incredible details and effort that go into the manufacturing of planes. The video below shows how difficult it must be for individuals at home to build their planes.

Efficiency is key

The manufacturing of planes and rockets involve complex systems and hence they involve long production and handover processes. As someone who flies regularly with Lufthansa, I am also interested in the operational part of their airline. The link below takes you though from the production process by the plane manufacturers to the operations of their flights to the different locations.



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