The Pandemic and entrepreneurs

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The pandemic and entrepreneurs

The ongoing pandemic has created a lot of problems and issues for many people and families. The death and infection rates are some of the highest we have ever seen. This is before counting the economic impact on businesses and emotional ones on personal lives. But entrepreneurs are tough cookies, then find opportunities from everywhere.

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But in all of this, we must also look at some bright lights from this very dreadful event. Shopping and working habits will change, more people will order on line now than before. Many employers are now going to have to trust their employees to work from home. Another good news is that more than 60% of Americans have now improved on their side hustles to the point where they are either much better or making money from their side hustles. This has to be great news. See the survey below

The two words pandemic and entrepreneurs are unlikely to be closely associated before March 2020.

Opportunities explored

The level of entrepreneurship activities has significantly improved since the lockdown. Whilst some people might have used the opportunity to catch-up on the much-needed reading or Netflix, others have taken the lockdown as a warning sign to start investigating other options. Life is worth more than just going to work, coming back home and watching the TV. Many have used the opportunity to re-evaluate the purpose of their existence. I hope you have also used the opportunity to do some introspection about your life as well.

The lesson

Another lesson from the pandemic is the speed at which many employees were laid off (furloughed), a word I have to confess, I have never heard off before the pandemic. More people now value their time more than ever before. This has led to nearly 3 million deaths globally and over 135 million infections.

In all the gloomy stories, entrepreneurs have to look at the positives. Some companies were quick in converting their operations from whiskey to sanitizers others are now making essential covid-19 products such as gloves and masks.

How are you planning to take advantage of the circumstances you face everyday

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