The need to eliminate kerosene and petrol products

Environmental issues

The environment is now a big and contentious issue. In most developing countries, the supply of power for electricity requires the use of different products such as kerosene and petrol, unfortunately, these products have been deemed dangerous not only for the health of the users but also the environment.

Many people in developing countries have very little options when it comes to cooking and lighting. They are therefore forced to use, wood, kerosene and petrol. The use of kerosene is said to be responsible for many deaths due to the effect of the fume leading to breathing problems and sickness. On the other hand, many people still use gasoline to generate electricity due to lack of constant electricity supply in many countries. These generators produce fumes and pollute the environment.

At a time when environmental pollution is a great problem, the elimination of power sources that pollute the environment must be a priority.

Solution is renewable energy

Solar and other forms of renewable energy products have come a long way and now these products can provide substitutes for cooking and electricity generation. Entrepreneurs must take advantage not only of the new technology but must make this affordable for the average person so that people no longer suffer from preventable diseases caused by the use of kerosene and other polluting forms of electricity generation.

Environmentally friendly low cost housing is another idea that entrepreneurs must consider as opportunities in developing countries with ever increasing population.

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Dr.Ade Otukoya  B.Sc, LLB, FCCA, MBA, PhD

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