The mastermind principle of success

The Mastermind principle is about people coming together in the interest of a common good. It is about collaboration. The principles of more heads are better than one. It is also about collaboration for common good.

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The principle

Mastermind principles originated from Napoleon Hill’s book ‘Think and grow rich’ . It is about like minded people coming together for the purpose of sharing ideas and knowledge. The author gave an example of car batteries working better or being more powerful with more cells. SME and consultants can do the same by working together and exchanging ideas.

Many entrepreneurs and business owners sometimes believe they need to have all the answers or do most of the heavy lifting at work. In reality, forming an alliance with others with similar interest can help them to perform better.

The idea

Napoleon Hill was a master at helping people become more successful, millions of people have and continue to read his books and have been influenced by his teachings. This principle is one that needs to tried. It is about getting the right people you can work with to the benefit of everyone within the mastermind alliance. The principle works when you think that you can become better by helping others. It is along the same line as 2 heads being better than one. If you are interested, there is a link here to the video of the great man himself Napoleon Hill’s Mastermind Principle

For things to work out, you need to have a clear vision of what you want from the alliance By having a vision of your expectation

The idea is not entirely wacky especially for small business owners. Getting like minded people with different skills together to form a peer group to help find solutions and help each other seems reasonable. It is really about thinking of businesses in terms of collaboration with others. A problem looked at from different angles by other business owners may just get a better solution. The quality of the solution depends on the quality of the people in the alliance and their commitment to the principle.

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