The importance of training


Somehow I see training as the equivalent of a big farm tractor. You can get a lot done quicker because of it than without it. 

Training is also synonymous with learning and it is about developing or learning new things. The essence of training be to gain new knowledge, increase productivity or to find better or quicker ways of doing things. Training can come in many forms and  can lead to transfer of new knowledge or even lead to innovation or improvements in standards of living of people.

If Training is such a critical thing, why do we not do it more often?. There are different obstacles to learning or even attending training courses; lack of time or money or even lack of ability to assimilate the contents of  courses or in some cases, the trainer might have his or her own short- comings.


The Impact of technology

Technology can change everything

Thanks to new technology, training can now take my formats including on line or virtually. This means that training can be accessible from anywhere with broadband and electricity. Knowledge can therefore move quickly across boarders seamlessly. With the best brains only a few clicks away.

Why it is essential to be interested in training

The speed at which technology changes are phenomenal that to stand still is be moving backward. Technological changes have made it possible for the older generation to openly admit to knowing less than their grand-children.

Technology has also led to the sharing and spreading of information. The best teachers can be found on YouTube and the cost of many of these sharing of ideas can be free. Talking about YouTube and free trainings, you can check out many of my free videos Enterprise Doctors free videos .

Keep ahead of the time and continue to invest in your knowledge and keep up to date with the rest of the world.

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