The importance of reading the right books

The importance of reading

Reading or any form of knowledge acquisition is important to entrepreneurs in particular. Knowledge allows us to build or stand on the shoulders of others (if we read the right books). One of such an author on business is Malcolm Gladwell.

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I have read several of his books, they are mainly analysis of the most problematic situations and explanations of phenomenon.

The right books

Gladwell in his books tends to find a way of getting across very difficult issues. He tries to bring reasons to facts and research that he has done in bringing together several aspects of puzzles. His interviews are normally very thorough and his analysis thought provoking at the very least. In his book the Tipping Point, he analysed the importance of how little aspects of our lives can make tremendous changes to the result of what it is that we have done and I have no doubt that people who have read his other books must feel the same way.

Some people may not particularly enjoy his books or not heard of him. Gladwell is an acquired taste, you must have a genuine interest in facts, numbers , miseries and explanations to find his books fascinating. From the Outliers to Blink and then Tipping point, you will find his desire to explain unusual things, but most importantly, you are captivated by the level of research and efforts that must have gone into his books.


There are always lessons  from his books. The Tipping Point has a theme and can be used as a lesson for businesses and for entrepreneurs to develop their own plans for the future. The Outliers was about possibilities and the importance of opportunities. Understanding the issues mean that even where the decks are stacked against us, at least knowing that facts will allow us to develop a strategy to overcome the stumbling blocks.

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These are highly recommended business books and now that there are audio versions of these books, they make for interesting learning.


Dr. Ade Otukoya B.Sc, LLB, FCCA, MBA, PhD

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