The great entrepreneurs

The lessons from the greatest entrepreneurs

We always want to learn from the people who lived before us or at least have more experience than us in a particular field, especially when we face great challenges.

For entrepreneurs, we always want to know what the great entrepreneurs of the past did or thought. The most logical question then is who are/ were the greatest entrepreneurs of all times?. We love to know how Henry Ford came about the idea of a car to run on engines rather than being pulled by horses. What were the Wright brothers thinking when they thought of the ideas of airplanes? What was Betha Benz thinking when she made the first long distance car drive with an untested car engine?!profile/WmeE0/

How we measure success is by achievements and wealth.

We obviously want to know the best sportsmen and women, the best athletes, the best presidents etc. We want to know those who have reached the height of their careers and how they got there. We coined the acronym G.O.A.T to mean the greatest of all times. These are the extra ordinary ones amongst us. The super humans and the heroes. So how can we emulate them?

It is no wonder that we want to know  the richest person in the world, in a continent or country. We are curious about people like us who have done extra ordinary things. We want to know what they are doing or what they did.


We know the great entrepreneurs and business people of now, but why not go further and find out the greatest people that ever lived.

Of course a list like that will always be subjective and some may say difficult to comply, but we must put it together to satisfy our thirst or curiosity for information.

If entrepreneurship success is about wealth, then a list may be easier to comply. At times, it’s about impact, which is more difficult to put values on. The argument will continue on the greatest entrepreneurs of all times, but at least we have a list to satisfy our curiosity. The list in the attached link is about the most influential of all times.

The very best impact

Some of the people on the list are well known, others not so. One thing is certain, they have all made a massive impact on our lives. The well known on the list includes ; Andrew Carnegie( steel magnate) , Steve Jobs (Apple), Henry Ford ( Ford motors), Mark Zuckerberg ( Facebook), Jeff Bezos ( Amazon), Bill Gates of (Microsoft), Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Google)and many others. As it’s always the case, it is difficult to comply a list like this without some elements of subjectivity. They will depend on the origins of the people who compiled the list.

The list is not about the richest, but about influences and in some cases, how they have overcome challenges to become successful or influential.

So here we go and I do hope that you can make a list someday in your field of endeavor.

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So here is the list, will you make that list? Do you want to make the list if complied in 50 years time