The beat goes on

There are different ways to make money and with unemployment for young people at its highest in most countries, many are going for self employment. Being an entrepreneur is one of the best ways to avoid unemployment.

The best way to make money and improve our standards of living is to look through the different opportunities. This is even more prevalent in developing countries. The focus is providing services that are better than what others are currently offering.

Everywhere I turn in Nigeria, there are opportunities but it is also easy to focus on the need for capital. Of course capital is important but it is difficult for lenders to risk giving money to a business without a track record, so it may be better to find ingenious ways of starting a business that allows for scaling. It is better to start small. That is a big issue, but unlikely to change, so focus should be on what we can influence rather than those that are unlikely to change in the short term.

It is always the case that when you are struggling, little help is on offer, but as soon as you start to do well, then the helping hands come flying through from every angle.

Keep hanging in there as the tide will soon turn in your favour.

Keep looking for ideas, but most importantly, there are ideas that others have already implemented in other locations or countries that can be adapted to suit the local market. Not everyone can be inventors but we can at least be the first to copy and implement such ideas in our local areas.

Best regards.

Dr.Ade Otukoya  B.Sc, LLB, FCCA, MBA, PhD

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