Shovels and gold rush

Sell shovels to the people looking for gold. Whilst every is trying to make money, offer them the tools for success

Selling shovels during a gold rush

Whilst  majority are prospecting, sell them shovels

The expression “sell shovels during the gold rush” has been used many times in the past. I assume the expression came from the times in the US history when most people looking for easy ways of making their fortune travelled to the area purported to have gold.

Everyone prefers to look for real gems and why not. That is where the real money can be made. Right? Not exactly. The people who make money during a gold rush may be the ones who sell the tools to all those looking for their dream businesses.

Never going to be easy

The way to the top is never going to be smooth. Life is tough and we all want the shortest distance to the top and the fastest result.  Some people will tell you they can help you turn £300 into some fantastic amount in a short period of time. If it is too good to be true, it probably is. There are short cuts to riches, but the number of times these types of phenomena happen are few and irregular.

We know and hear of the fantastic fortunes of the people who win the lottery. Imagine the millions who play religiously every week against the few who eventually win. The difference with a lottery is that the amounts gambled are small and you already know your chances are rather in the millions and the risk low. We know the risk to reward chances and are resigned to that fate. We are surprised when we win the lottery, because the chances are so remote. On the other hand, if we invest our substantial hard earned money on a business venture, then we expect the odds to be better than what we get from a flutter.

Too good to be true, it probably is

Almost no day passes that we are not bombarded with messages, images, emails etc.  There are people who want to convince us that there is a magic formula to finding fortunes. It is difficult not to at least try to investigate these options.

Here is a great question to ask yourself. If you manage to find a pot of gold or how to get a  pile of cash, you are guaranteed that the pot does not belong to anyone and it’s free for you to keep. How many will call their neighbours to help dig up the free loot? Now imagine asking people you have never met to pay for a small part of the loot. So assuming this scenario of the ‘presence of gold’ is true, these people are selling shovels during a ‘gold rush’.

They people have nothing to lose. They create the illusion of the presence of gold and now want to sell the bucket, shovel and digger for you to go in search of that hidden gold. Of course there is a chance that there is gold. The problem is that with so many people being told there is gold in the same place, some will be able to find the little gems, but many more will be left disappointed. Remember though that as you are digging for gold, you will be spending money everyday, with the person selling the shovel.

The real gold

Our wealth is not only in the gold that we find, but in following our dream. That’s the sweet spot and also the best way to our legacy.

Knowing and following our dream can be a life long search in this incredible journey of life but it is better to explore that journey. We may be surprised that our gold mine is close when we focus our mind.

Some of the most successful sports men and women are able to find their own pot of gold. One can only imagine Usain Bolt trying to play American football or even basket ball. He will definitely not stand out with his 6ft 4 in height. Let ss try the formula 1 supremo; Sir Lewis Hamilton playing soccer, basket ball or tennis. What about Serena Williams, the tennis GOAT in athletics or gymnastics.

To be successful, we need to find what we can do best and not the fad that the media or friends tell us is the next fad.

Do your own thing and follow your dream