Set your goals then multiply by 10

Setting goals.

Setting goals is one of the things that humans can do whilst other animals are just incapable of this. There have been a lot of things written and said about goal settings. We all know that in order to achieve anything, we have to set goal. In many cases, we either don’t set them at all or we set them too low. If we set them too low and achieve them we rest of our achievements.

Goals can be our targets

We are all guilty of this. I remember many years ago just after I qualified as an accountant, I was probably on about £30k a year. This seemed like a lot of money then, so when I realised that one of the managers I looked up to was earning around £50k, I thought in my mind that £50k was a good salary to have. So I strived hard to get to that number. Once I reached just over £50k, things just stopped happening. I didn’t think at the time it had anything to do with me. I had assumed that it must be other factors. Looking back, maybe it was a mental limiting factor. We set our goals, we achieve it and then we relax a bit. I am sure the same might have happened to a lot of people trying to lose weight. Our initial plan way be to lose a few pounds, once we get to that magic number, we may find it difficult to push pass that the ‘ideal weight’. In some instances, we ease on the pedal and before we realise it, we have piled on the weight again.

The 10x rule

This week, I stumbled on a book called ‘The 10x Rule-The only difference between success and failure’ by Grant Cardone. The link to the book is

As I get lazier, it becomes easier to listen to audios on YouTube . You can do the same. I am not a fan of Grant Cardone in general, but in this book, he was at this best. He was brash but straight to the point. He has the street credibility to back it up. If you are into sales and setting goals, this book will definitely help you. Even if you are not into sales but you want someone who can get you a kick out of your slumber, this is the audio for you. Be warned, it’s over 7 hours long. I soon got used to his raspy voice 😂

10x summary

So here is the summary of the book, set your goals so high, it frightens the living daylight out of you and then start matching towards it. If you need to make the calls to get customers, go for it without fear. Be ruthless and when you are successful, keep going. In a way, don’t care about what others say, just be ruggedly determined to succeed.

For entrepreneurs, this is a great book and it is full of direct examples. The book really makes you think of what you want to do and why you should go after your dream without being afraid of what people think. To be successful, you have to do what most people are not willing to do.

Dream no small dream…

This is a highly recommended book for those who need the much needed motivation to achieve their dreams. For entrepreneurs starting out and relatively unknown, this will definitely give you a lot of encouragement. I have picked up a lot of ideas from this book. This is a great audio to listen to on your walk, run, in your car or whilst you are going about your daily business.

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Shoot high, you have nothing to lose

Setting your goals 10 times bigger than you believe it is possible to achieve is the same as the saying ‘ shoot for the moon, if you miss you will still be among the stars’. This book will fire you up about your plans for the future. It is about taking action and committing to reaching your goals.

Taking actions in achieving your goals is important, never give up on your dreams. You must keep striving to make a difference.

To achieve your desired goals, you must write them down, visualise your destination in mind and start the match towards that goal every day. Most successful entrepreneurs have rituals that they follow everyday. These are little steps, taken everyday gets you closer to your destination.

What are your goals? Are they big enough that they frighten you?

Imagine if you set unrealistic goals, but then you achieve them. Who would have thought Barack Obama would be president. People achieve incredible dreams, so why not you?

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