Services- Banana fibre and Damp Treatment

The banana is one of the most versatile fruits and its used for several things and even every part of fruit and the stem it originated from have great uses. The fruit can be dried and powdered to make porridge, the stem can be use for crafts and even in textile manufacture. The most interesting thing about banana is its abundance and it is easy to grow under difficult conditions.
The banana porridge tastes like porridge without the need for sugar

Banana and plantain grow mostly in the tropics, but banana also has a very short time between harvest and getting to market. Our project is to help preserve banana by turning into eatable powder that can then be made into porridge. The over-ripe banana can be dried naturally in the sun, then turned into powder which can then be turned into porridge. The porridge thus produced is sweet and does not require any additives.

The unripe plantain can be made into a cream like pudding, but rather than the darkened version (amala), this version looks more like custard and tastes even better than the original version.

Banana Fibre
Weaving the extracted banana fibre into robes
Banana Fibre sponge

Banana products and fibre

Banana fibre as table mat

Damp Treatment

Part of what we do as entrepreneurs is to find solutions to problems.

Nigeria has some of the fastest population growth in the world, with the rising population growth comes the need for housing and other essential services. The growth in the housing market has not all being at the quality end and in some cases, details have been overlooked, when this is combined with environmental changes, the result is now the very common damps in buildings.

There are different types of damps; rising damp where the required membrane has not been put into place to stop the accumulation of water from penetrating through the bricks and soaking through the walls. There are others such as condensation and penetrating damps etc.

Rising damp in the house

The solution that we are using guarantees the damp will not resurface for at least 20 years and has been approved by different professional bodies in the UK where damp is a common occurrence because of the weather.

People sometimes wonder why it is necessary to treat damp? Well, not treatment apart from the unsightly nature of damp is that it can lead to breathing problems especially in children, but also can affect adults as it may be harmful for some people to breathe in the fungus caused by damp.

Our treatment is cheap, long lasting and will permanently get rid of the damp without the use of dangerous chemicals.