Managing stress at university or in life

Managing stress

Great class session this week about resilience and hanging in there during the tough times. We all have different coping mechanisms. This may vary from taking time out to listening to music or going to gyms etc. whatever takes your fancy, try to find ways of relaxing.

Challenge is part of life

In these challenging times, we may find it easier to speak to other people we have common interest or share our problems with others in similar circumstances.

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As we get closer to the holidays, we discussed some of the ways and methods of coping with stress. A brave and incredible student shared his experience of rising from the depth of his challenges. This allows all of us to put things into perspective. I was definitely blown away by the support received from other students. What a great bunch of matured and self less students.

Learn everyday to improve

Very lucky to have students who are not only ready to help others but to share their life experiences with others. Learning everyday from each other makes life a lot richer. This week, the students demonstrated their abilities to learn finance very quickly and there were definitely some great stars of finance of the future. The ability to manage finance is a skill that we can all benefit from, even in our personal lives.

There is a lot of support from the team on campus. I hope many students will not shy away from asking for help. There is courage in asking for help.

Money can cause stress

Managing money is also a great issue and we need to learn the process of managing not only money, but other resources. As leaders, many of us will have to manage with constraints. This is the case even in large organisations. Even more important when you manage or run your own business.

Have a great week.

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