Life on campus- Are you kidding me?

Life on campus

I loved life on university campuses as a student. Now as a teacher, its even more fun as I don’t have to worry about sitting for exams. We learn better when we are having fun.

Here is my confession. Having spent over 20 years working for Hewlett Packard, I nursed the dream of returning back to university as a teacher. So now, I am living the dream. Of course, it is challenging and can be draining, but exchanging ideas and learning every day from some of the smartest people on the planet is my idea of heaven.

There is always a buzz of youthful energy on campus. The quick steps, voices, the sound of key boards, smiling faces, laughter, the occasional nervousness  and many more.

The kindergarten geniuses

This week, I dropped into a colleague’s class on the way to mine. A few of the students recognised me as I peeped through the glass door. This time though, it was not only the students that caught my attention, but the presence of 3 even younger ‘students’.

Of course, the MBA class has a lot of smart young people, but I have never seen a baby and a couple of toddlers listening quietly. They were captivatingly listening to my colleague’s value chain management topics. I was surprised by the focus of the children.

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Are you kidding me

‘When did we start teaching geniuses only a few months old?’, I wondered.

My mind was quickly put at rest though. It was a case of a dedicated father whose wife had to go to work. They could not arrange child care in time. The father, not wanting to miss his lectures again decided to bring the children to class. My wonderful colleague ( bless his soul) and the other students agreed to have the children in class.

I have often joked about matured students bringing their kids to class, but I never thought it will eventually happen. What I was most surprised about though was how quiet the kids were and how well my colleague and the other students took the situation as if it was normal.

Was I jealous? Of course I was, I wanted the kids in my class. Not sure how I would have coped with those cuties in my class though for four hours.

I met the parents of these young geniuses after class and they were the most adorable family I have met in a long time.

A determined mind cannot be stopped

My lesson here is that no one can stop a determined person from achieving their goals.

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More on my campus story next week

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