Life challenges are puzzles

Life as puzzles

Life in general can sometimes feel like endless puzzles. They can feel complicated, but once you know how to fix things, then it becomes easier. In this modern world, despite all the great things we have, we face even more challenges than our forefathers. The more challenges we overcome, the more we believe we need to accomplish.

Challenges, what challenges?

We only have to put on the TV or check social media to see how depressing things can be. But the legendary music producer, Quincy Jones refers to our worries and challenges as puzzles. That is the best way to look at the daily obstacles we face. These are puzzles, our role is to figure out how to solve them.

Henceforth, if you refer to any issues or challenges you face as puzzles, then it becomes a matter of putting every jigsaw into their respective places. This is something that I find intriguing, unless you believe in reincarnation, there is but one life. We have to use it or we will run out of time.

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Thermometer or a thermostat?

Here is another, are you a thermometer or a thermostat? The first time I was asked the question, I was stumped. I was not sure what to say.

Spend a few seconds thinking about what these 2 respective instruments do. A thermometer can only tell you the temperature. Good instrument, but that is all it can do. On the other hand a thermostat regulates the temperature. The thermostat controls things rather than just provide you with information. It reacts. It regulates and adapts to a changing environment based on what you program it to do. These are two great instruments performing different functions.

Putting things together

Life, therefore can be seen like a puzzle that needs to be put together slowly and everything will eventually fall into place. Is it really going to be that easy? Absolutely not, but our attitude to life can make things happen for us. If we believe that great things can happen to us, then it will. If we don’t, then we might go through life struggling for survival. We must never let the weight of expectations of others put us down. Be the thermostat, control your environment and all will be well.

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