Lessons from the G.O.A.T’s


The term GOAT ( Greatest of all times) is normally reserved for the very best in their fields and there is a good reason for that. These great people have broken records and managed to out perform all mere mortals. These are the greatest of the greats. They are head and shoulders above everyone else.

Lewis Hamilton is also in that top group of the great Formula 1 champions having just won his 6th championship trophy, but he is not even thinking of retirement and I am sure his goal is to be the most successful F1 driver of all times. That must be a gauntlet to throw down to other future challengers just like Michael Schumacher did many years ago.


At the just concluded 2019 US grand slam tennis championships,  the GOAT’s were on display. Both Roger Federer and Serena Williams have won more grand slams than any other male and female tennis players in the world except one. Serena is only one slam behind Margaret Court, the all time best women tennis champion. Both have been beaten in most recent championships. Serena is still chasing the dream after stopping to have a child. What an athlete and what commitment.


At this point, most of us might have considered throwing in the towel and calling its quits on wonderful careers, but not these two. They love what they do and continue to defer the odds even in their late 30’s. I can imagine it will not be easy to have a fist full of cash but still find the motivation to get up in the morning to train as hard as these champions do. They put their bodies through what must be a whole heck of punishment.


Champions in general have that singular focus to get the job done without being swayed by other people but the GOAT’s are in a different league of their own. We are talking record breakers and those that dream of the impossibilities.

Great entrepreneurs must have the same focus and belief that everything is possible and be willing to break records, going where no one has ever been is all part of fulfilling their life long goals and ambitions. Yes, there will be setbacks, but those are lessons. The setbacks fire them to greater heights.