Is Fulfilment By Amazon the latest scam?



Is this the latest scam or it is for real. The Fulfilment by Amazon ( FBA) and other online scams- step forward with caution. The road ahead can be full of danger, so investigate opportunities carefully.

It is not the first time people will use great companies and turn great ideas for that matter into scams for their own selfish reasons.

Entrepreneurs always want to find new ways of doing business or solutions to problems. We can all do with more time and there is not enough hours in a day to do everything we want to do due to our different commitments. So we all need time and money, for most of us working for others, we trade our time for money, but ideally, we need more of both of these scarce resources. There lies the dilemma. The internet has created a multitude of opportunities from e books, videos and selling products on line. The list and the opportunities are limitless.

These opportunities have also made it possible for others to spin their stories to the rest of the world. Some of these people make unsubstantiated claims that are difficult to verify. So at every opportunity there is a story of success beyond imagination. You only need to log into YouTube or any of the social media before someone lambasts you with the notion that you are wasting your time going to work when you can sit on your back side for a couple of hours a week and rake in more money than we need in a year.

It is tempting to believe these people as they have compelling  stories and  to tell, but at a time when corporate secret is a big problem, one wonders why these individuals are ready to spill the beans about their secrets and please spare me the ‘ I want to help others to live their dreams’. Interestingly, I was reading an e-book written by one of these people on Traffic Monsoon.The storyline seemed believable but a quick check on google showed that it is like most of these ‘incredible stories’, but alas, it is just another one of these Ponzi schemes where the early starters cream the investment of those who joined later and then the whole thing falls down like a pack of cards.

There are so many people wanting to make money online and there are several others trying to make money teaching you how to make this possible, but at a cost.

There is a lot of risk involved and when you are constantly being told that selling your time for money is bad, then you are tempted by the dream of being a Normand with the possibility of sitting on your backside for a few hours at a day, travelling the world and earning full time income. Do be careful as there are several others who are good at selling a great story.

The FBA is a great story and I have no doubt that some people make money but the many people spending money on Facebook and YouTube adverts to attract customers may not be genuine. They make money selling impossible ideas and promising to train you to select the best products to market to others.

If these ideas are so good and everyone is now keen to teach and these people are now teaching the world, how long can it be before your comparative advantage is lost? Let us assume that these people have now made so much money and are willing to teach you these incredible systems, is it possible they are closing the stable doors after the horse has bolted away.

Remember there are so many of these fads, what happened to the property seminars? Anyone remember the put ‘no money down’ schemes? Or the day trading training and the list goes on, so do be careful.


Dr. Ade Otukoya  B.Sc, LLB, FCCA, MBA, PhD