Impact of diabetes on families and businesses

Normally we discuss entrepreneurship and finance, but this article is about the  well-being of people, especially entrepreneurs and their families. A condition such as the Covid-19 can have an immediate impact of business owners. Diabetes is one of those conditions that can affect the health and invariably the wealth of an entrepreneur.

Diabetes UK estimates around 6% of adults in the UK have diabetes or around 4 million people. For older people, the estimate is around 12-15% of people over the age of 65. Globally, diabetes affects around 422 million people and cause around 1.5 million deaths annually according to the World Health Organisation.

I have a personal reason for campaigning to get people tested and to reduce the impact of diabetes. My mother who was very healthy for an 80 year old, apart from diabetes went into a diabetic coma and never recovered. She was active, so her diabetes was age related. There are several ways to afford becoming a diabetic, by eating healthily, being active, control of our weights and monitoring of blood sugar level.

In the UK, 25% of the people who died of Covid-19 had diabetes, but people with diabetes are at most 15% of the over 65 and 6% of the total UK population. My ask, please stay healthy.

This is a growing problem especially in Africa, so lets look at the numbers between 2000 and the estimated figures for 2030.

Country % growth
Liberia 285%
Comoros 275%
Niger 254%
Cape Verde 243%
Uganda 235%
Burkina Faso 213%
DR Congo 213%
Benin 206%
Mauritania 203%
Madagascar 201%
UR Tanzania 201%
Senegal 194%
Mali 189%
Togo 188%
Nigeria 183%


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