Hyper Loop-a new mode of transportation?

A new mode of transportation?

Its been a while since a completely new mode of transportation has been found.

Have we finally reached the end of transportation innovation? The bicycle, motorbike, train, car, aeroplane, ship etc have been in existence now for over 100 years. We have been able to improve on these modes of transportation but it seems we have not been able to develop a new sustainable mode of transportation for many years now.

Why the need?

What do I mean by new mode? A mobile phone is an innovation, a breakthrough from the landline. Yes we have replaced steam engine with gasoline and electric but nothing radically different.

Crying it out for a new mode

The world has been crying out for a new mode for sometime now. We want something faster and more environmentally friendlier.

Is the hyper loop the next form of mass transportation? The story started over 200 years ago in England, but Elon Musk, the billionaire genius who does everything differently has revived the idea. Big names have like Sir Richard Bronson have now taken on the baton in the race for a new mode of getting us from A to B as fast as possible.


Trust Dubai to get in on the action

The hyper loop as a form of transportation is now turning into reality. Governments in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, China, USA and several others are already joining the race to help reduce environmental impact and congestion on the roads. The capital outlay will be huge, but it’s economic impact substantial. The hyper loop is non pollutant. That is a great plus

If you are as interested in the future of transportation as I am, then here we go.

Entrepreneurs solve problems


Entrepreneurship is about looking for new and better ways of doing things or products to help solve our problems. We must keep searching and keep inventing new things.