How to succeed by Orison Swett Marden


The book by Orison Swett Marden ‘ How to Succeed’.

What is your definition of success? Success is the accomplishment of a goal, hence you can be successful by making sure that you have goals that you can achieve. To some people, having their own house and being able to do whatever they want is their definition of success. For others, it is money in the bank etc. The search for success has always been part of our lives.

The book by Marden on success is the manifestation of what we all want out of life. The book contains some great nuggets about what we can do be become successful. I am sure you want to start with his suggestions on what to do. The first point by Marden was  ‘Be a man’. Which can be a  turn off for some people, especially in this day and age. This was the terminology  in the early part of the 20th century . I believe he meant ‘be strong and determined’.

The next thing to learn from the book is about being a specialist. Find something you really want to do and then specialise. Don’t be all over the place. Like the old adage ‘If you try to get a fish to climb a tree, it will think it is stupid, but put it in water and it is a genius at swimming’. Find what you are good at and you will be in flow and become a genius.

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Be original

Be yourself, you are the best original of yourself. Take every opportunity that presents itself, even if this means starting from the bottom and making your way up. There are several stories of people who were persistent and achieved their dreams. Young people starting out rarely have the opportunity, but once you are at the bottom, keep doing your best and never let an opportunity pass you by. There are sacrifices to be made to achieve success, hence you must be ready to pay the price. For some people, it is by giving up some of the pleasures that others are used to; alcohol, cigarettes or any of the pleasure that we now take for granted.

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Obstacles are the way

There will be obstacles on the road to success, be ready and prepared. If you imagine that the most successful people in history started at some point with nothing, so whatever they achieved, we can as well, once we can find our genius.

We must worry less, 80% of what we worry about never happened, so always look at the bright side of life. Whatever the condition we find ourselves, others are likely to be in worse situation. Always look at the bright side of life, it helps to stay positive even when things are tough. Sadness rarely helps us to achieve what we set out for ourselves.

We have only one life, so better to make the best use of it. Never waste a moment, you will never get the chance to relive that moment.

Be happy and successful in your own way. Whatever you do, be fantastic and fabulous

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