Fight a good fight

One life, one opportunity

In a world where most people aspire to be known. It is important for the rest of us to keep to making small impactful steps at a time. Less than 10% of the world will be known by people outside of their families and friends. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Unless we aspire to be celebrities, then we may have to contend ourselves with just being ‘ordinary’ or an ‘average Joe’. There is nothing wrong with that, as long as we fight a good fight.

Give your best

In a world where it is as if we are competing the others, it can seem pointless at times to attempt to compete. Remember, everyone of the 7.7 billion people on this planet is different. The numbers are huge, but everyone of us is unique. We are here now for a reason and even when we don’t know our purpose in life, we must at least know that we are unique in our own way.

Whatever work or role you have, it is important or no one will pay you to perform that function. Since we have just agreed that your role is important, then doing the best in that role may be all that is required to be great. Dr Martin Luther King jr once said that even if you are a humble sweeper, perform your work so well that you will be remembered for being the best sweeper that ever lived. Simply put, this means that we must give whatever we do our best shot and if we fail, we will have the satisfaction of having done our best.

No regret

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon was quoted as saying that he left his lucrative job as a banker because he did not want to live with the regret of not following his dream of starting Amazon. Hence, the main question to ask is whether when you are older, you will regret not having pursued or executed your ideas or followed through on your plans.

In that case, will you regret not having fought a good fight? Give it everything you have even if you lose the battle, you will be contented with yourself.

If you are fighting the race of life, be ready to persevere despite the challenges that life will throw at you.


Probably one of the greatest books I have ever read in terms of motivation comes from ‘You can win’ by Shiv Khera. The audio version is below.



Take your time to listen as it is over 9 hours long, but a great read.

Small to Great