Entrepreneurship lesson from Ebenezer Scrooge

A life of purpose

A life lived for the main purpose of making money is not a fulfilling life. Such a person has put the focus on the wrong thing instead of serving others. Some Entrepreneurs tend to focus on making money, but if money becomes the driver, then purpose of our existence is lost. Entrepreneurship is about serving our customers and staff better, then the rewards of a great service to others is the wealth we derive from providing that product or service. We can not put the cart before the horse.

Happiness comes from doing what we love most that will also solve other people’s problems. Our real purpose is therefore finding that one reason for our existence and making it to be as perfect as we can. The book ‘One thing’ went further with this purpose. There must be a priority. Keep it simple and move forward.

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The One thing

One would have thought that if the purpose of our existence is just that ‘ one thing’, it will be very easy for us to find it? Right? Wrong.

The pursue of that ‘one thing’ can take a life time and so many may never find that purpose. Humans have lived for hundreds of years without knowing our lives’ purpose. Thanks to new thinking, we now know that we can have a purpose and try to pursue it to the exclusion of all others.

One can only imagine our forefathers whose main motive in life was survival, trying to focus on ‘one thing’ must have been survival. How do we now come to understand this simple fact? Over time, we have learned the things that are important and those that are not. We have continued to evolve and learn even more with the passage of time.

Success drives us

More recently, we have managed to know how to be successful, what the ingredients of success are and with that we now know that specialisation is indeed our friend. If we do what we love to do and often enough, then you will get better.

The lesson from Scrooge

Now back to the lesson from the story of the fictional Mr Scrooge. The relentless pursuit of money without purpose will lead to an unsavoury end, unless we change. In his case, Mr Scrooge learned a serious lesson and repented from his dogged pursuit of money.

Always better to pursue a great course, the legacy will live beyond riches. Others may believe it is better to pursue money first and then give them away. The world might have forgotten what you did to get the money in the first place. The choice of what you do is always yours.

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