Entrepreneurship journey

Entrepreneurship journey

Research shows many of us want to control our own destinies. We want to make our own decisions about what we do. We all want the freedom to do what we want, when we want and with the people we want. But life is more complicated than than. Many who elect to be entrepreneurs are in search of these lofty goals. But the journey is not easy. Entrepreneurship is never an easy option. It is even more challenging that most of us want to be entrepreneurs.

Everyone has a journey to make. The spirit of entrepreneurship is in everyone of us depending on where you look, our background and our belief. We need to search for fulfilment on our journey. The question I ask myself is why are we here and how can we help others so that they can impact others. The great Socrates once said we all live as if we have a 1000 years, but we don’t. With every movement of the clock, let every step count.

Entrepreneurship is a drive for legacy

There is a drive for legacy. Once we meet our daily needs, we must now try to help others. Entrepreneurs help others by providing the best services and products to help solve problems or overcome challenges.

As you  are reading this, you are some of the most privileged people in the world. Several others will envy your position. So, what are you doing with that super advantage?

What can you do better? What is your calling and how can you make the lives of others better?. How and what can we learn from the past masters and mistresses? What are they trying to tell us from their graves? How did they rise to the challenges of their time and can we do better?

We can learn so much from history

History allows us to learn from the experiences of the people before us, so in fact, we don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

The entrepreneurship journey is not any easy one. It is one that is fraught with risks, uncertainties and failures. It is the path that many people really want to explore, but few venture into or survive it. There are no easy routes to problem resolution, everlasting legacy or great success.

Successful entrepreneurs always have a goal so big that it keeps them going when the going gets really tough. Hence your ‘why’ ( the reason for being) will provide the fuel that will keep the fire of your desire going during tough times.

It is never going to be an easy journey, so the more difficult, the stronger should be your resolve to overcome such challenges.

Lessons from the greatest entrepreneurs