Entrepreneurship and the Extinction Protestors

The organisers of protests like the those trying to save the environment have a great point and I believe more should be done to protect our environment. There are several ways that we can achieve the same objectives. At the moment, the organisers have managed to bring attention to this great and important issue. It is incredibly satisfying to see young people being interested in such a great cause.

Protests rarely lead to action though in my own experience. People and governments sometimes harden their positions as they don’t want to be seen to be forced to take a type of action. At this point, a change of tactic may be needed. Rather than waste energies, resources and disrupt people’s lives, negotiations and discussions with the right group of people may be more productive.

The solution to our current environmental issues need to come from all of us being made aware to make sacrifices. We need to encourage entrepreneurs and scientists to work together to get solutions. No one makes painful sacrifices easily or wants to be forced to do things, so we need to educate ourselves on the importance of the impact of our actions. It needs to be collective and when we are ready to change, our governments will have no choice than to change or we will elect people who will make the changes. We need to join political movements, we need to put our moneys where our mouths are. Scientists need to make environmentally friendly products and we need to be willing to support them.

Protests and disruptions will not force changes, aggressive speeches and confrontations also don’t work, they make people dig in their heels because no one wants to be seen as giving in to intimidation, especially not governments because if they do, others will use the same tactics and we will end up with anarchy.

Here are a few examples, animals that we breed for food constitute a big proportion of the emissions to the environment and scientists are developing plant based meat products so that we do not have to breed animals for our food As it’s the case with the new plant based meat

If that is the case, why do we not gradually over time change from eating beef to eating this ‘new meat’. Such an action does not need government intervention, it needs a change of attitude and taste from all of us.

Let us use self discipline and collective action to change the way live for the benefit of the future generations of mankind.

Best regards.

Dr. Ade Otukoya B.Sc, LLB, FCCA, MBA, PhD