Entrepreneurs must be resilient

resilient entrepreneurs
The pandemic lesson

There are several reasons why entrepreneurs need to be resilient. The pandemic has led to unwanted attention for some people and has put untold stress on others and their relationships. As entrepreneurs, we must realise that at some point in our lives, we may face challenges that will stretch us beyond the normal things that we are comfortable dealing with.

We cannot blame the pandemic for everything, but we know it has highlighted some of the issues that must have been in hiding over many years. The global lockdown has led to isolation and the feeling of desolation in some cases. This has affected  every aspect of our lives and businesses. Good businesses are now struggling and will continue to do so for many years to come.

So why am I talking about resilience for entrepreneurs?

It is because we take the brunt of business success and failure. We take risks, sometimes things work out well and in many cases, this can affect our physical and mental states of mind.

Recently, some celebrities and successful business owners have tried to support mental health issues and some have even confessed to suffering from anxiety and depression. In some cases, we have doubted the existence of the sufferings of these individuals. Mental health issues are not obvious for all to see and they are difficult to diagnose. So we are happy to jump on the bandwagon of cynics rather than give the sufferers the benefit of the doubt.

Life is tough at the top

Recently, Naomi Osaka, one of the most talented tennis players in the world admitted to suffering from anxiety during press conferences that are contractual for tennis players to give after their matches. This can be difficult for some people, but others may find it easier to deal with. Of course, it is part of the job celebrities sign up for. We all have parts of our jobs that we don’t like, but when this leads to anxiety and depression, we may wonder whether it is worth doing at all.

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The modern world of stress

The modern world has created a few things that most of us have no control over. It’s all part of what we do. I found that I enjoy playing tennis, but hate playing in tournaments and serious competitions. So, I decided never to enter, play or partake in any tennis competitions. This singular decision has improved my ability to enjoy tennis. Once I made that decision, the weight of being involved in club competitions  evaporated.

Tolerance is needed

We are at a time when online abuse and media criticisms are at their highest. Sometimes, the criticism may be justified, but mostly they are unwarranted, intrusive and can be soul destroying especially for young people trying to find themselves.

For entrepreneurs to be successful, they must also plan to develop thick skins, not easy to do, but this is an important part of the ‘growing up’ initiation in a world full of ‘wolves’ attacking anyone trying to make their ways through the mirage of noise. So be prepared and find ways to relax and switch off.

Taking the smooth with the rough

Entrepreneurship can be stressful, especially when you are just starting out. So, exercise, sleep well and find ways of relaxing your mind and switch off from stress and anxiety. No one is more interested in your health and well-being than you. There is only one life, don’t let others destroy yours.

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