Entrepreneurs lead by examples

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Leading by example

Not every leader is an entrepreneur and not entrepreneur is a leader. But entrepreneurs must have good leadership skills. Great leaders also need to possess good entrepreneurial skills to deal with issues in their organisations; such as encouraging innovative solutions, developing great strategies and being able to get teams of people working together.

Entrepreneurship and leadership skills can be developed, but it takes time and perseverance to acquire such skills which are invaluable if leaders and entrepreneurs are to influence people.

Good leadership

A good leader must also lead by example. People watch their leaders and follow their examples rather than what they say. Great leaders also seek to add value to their followers who in turn provide the support for the leaders to succeed.

According to John Maxwell, one of the great experts on leadership, ‘don’t tell people what to do, show them and they will follow your examples’. Maxwell also believes that leaders must grow and practice good leadership skills everyday. Continuous growth is important in a dynamic and changing world.

Another important part of being a great leader is to continuously challenge yourself and become better, as you become better, you can also raise the standard of your followers. Great leadership is about raising the standard of everybody within the group, thereby moving everyone to a higher level.

Entrepreneurs like great leaders must also lead by example, they must be willing to communicate their vision of the future even when it is still not clear to them. It is impossible for people to lead without showing the followers the benefit of what is in it for them.

Great entrepreneurs take people on a visual journey to the destination before the start of the journey. Be bold and confident in your dream and others will believe because you do.

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