Humility in the face of noise- the quiet entrepreneurs

Being quiet despite the challenges

It can be very challenging for the quiet entrepreneurs to make it in a world full of distractions and noise. How do you stand in a crowd full of giants? You need to let your silence make the most noise for you.

In a world that requires you to sing your achievements from the roof top, being a quiet leader may not always be the best option. Compare the world where people preferred to elect the Trump against Clinton, but in the end, the undoing of a boastful and bombastic person will also be their undoing. You must continue to be yourself and strive to be the best.

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Like water

Be like the sea, it’s is lower than the small rivers but yet all streams and rivers will find their ways towards the sea. Water is gentle but quietly can destroy everything; fire, steel, even brick. This is part of the teachings of Lao Tsu that is over 2500 years old, but still relevant today. If you are interested, here it is



The best interpretation of this teaching is from Dr Wayne Dyer

Let me warn you though, Dr Dyer’s interpretation is over 9 hours long. So be prepared.

Provide great services for your clients and if necessary for free, if they are unable to afford. This may be tough to do, but the internet is full of people who provide services for free because of their love for what they do.

The importance of education

Education is an important part of our lives, imagine what an educated majority will do for the world. A world where everyone lives up to their full potential will be an amazing thing to witness.

I have been asked what will happen if everyone lives to their full potential and we manage to eradicate diseases, poverty and cruelty. Such a world sounds almost like paradise, but why is such a life not a possibility? We have countries with more than 95% of the country being educated to at least secondary school level. In Canada, Russia and a host of other countries more than 50% of their adults (25-65) have high than secondary school education. Technology can make education accessible to majority of the world population.

Entrepreneurs can make this happen. We can take education to the most remote part of the world. Education is not only in terms of just in class stuff, but real productive learning. We can all make this happen. This always remind me of Malala Yousafzai, the youngest Nobel prize laureate and her fight to educate young girls. We all can make a difference, if we really want to.

We must remain humble in the midst of the noise that surrounds us all. The best way to make a difference is to be like water; be flexible, adaptable and yet very strong.

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