Dance like no one is watching

Dance like no one is watching, sing like no one is listening

Dance like no one is watching, sing like no one is listening

I have written a few articles about the importance of taking risks and going for it. This one is about doing things not because we are fearless, but because on the other side of fear is greatness. The current pandemic of 2020 is a great lesson that we all must learn from.

When it comes to living, it is almost impossible for us to believe that a virus can put a break on everything we believed and stood for.

This crisis is helping us to understand the things that are important to us as people. Thousands of people have not only lost loved ones but livelihoods have also been lost. Money can be recouped but not lives.

At a cost of £2.4 billion per day for the U.K. alone, I will not be surprised if the total world impact runs into many trillion dollars by the time this is over.

There must be lessons to be learned from this crisis. This lockdown is an opportunity to take stock and determine the important things. With over 125 million small businesses in the world, getting back on the saddle after this big fallout will require everyone of us to muster great spirits and determination.

We must be ready to ‘dance as if no one is watching’, this is a phrase that is appropriate at this time because If we believe no one is watching, then we can forget our inhibitions and perform at our best.

I am sure the people who predicted a doomsday scenario believed it would happen through conflicts, but even during wars, total economies were not paralysed or put at a standstill.


Best regards.

Dr. Ade Otukoya B.Sc, LLB, FCCA, MBA, PhD

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