Damp Busters

Damp on the wall of a house

Rising damp is a serious problem for most modern house that have not had a damp proof membrane installed at the foundation level to stop moist from the ground level to soak into the foundation bricks. The result is that water so collected in the bricks will continue to soak through the building wall to stain the wall cavity as can be seen above.

Untreated, damp can cause serious health issues such as breathing difficulties. Until now, the cost of treating damp has been too prohibitive for most home owners and therefore most suffer in silence. Thanks to the advancement in research, there are now more environmentally friendlier solutions that are within the reach of many people. These solutions have been tested and approved by several international bodies and government and are now available in Nigeria.

Please contact us to help you fix this problem before it causes more damage to your help and that of your family.

Damp on walls