Continuation of the book “Entrepreneurship” by Bygrave and Zacharakis.


This book is full of ideas and steps for aspiring entrepreneurs and as previously mentioned in my other blog, definitely worthy of a read. There are different types of reasons why people turn to entrepreneurship, from being tired of being told what to do or just not being able to conform to corporate norms and politics. In some instances, priorities have changed or the need to do things differently.

Every successful entrepreneur is a dreamer of some sort, dreaming of days when they can do things their own way or make life better for others or in some cases, live life to the full.

Some common features of entrepreneurship are to utilise their time better or plan to leave a legacy that goes beyond what they can envisage today. Some of the most innovative businesses will survive their founders. Apple Inc is already doing better after the death of Steve Jobs, Microsoft will be the same as did Hewlett Packard, Walmart, Ford Motors and many others. Hence, entrepreneurship is more about legacy as well as anything else.

Most entrepreneurs at the moment focus on technology as the way forward, but that is not the only sector that will yield great result. The environment and sustainability are also critical industries that are becoming ever more popular. There are great threats to the environment, recycling our waste and trying to minimise the impact of production on our environment. This is going to be one of the sectors that those that can help to resolve such issues will have a comparative advantage over others, especially in the developing countries.