Be the expert-no one has more interest in your success

Be the expert- no one has more interest in your success than you.

As we start another year, I hope you become an expert in your chosen field.

In the world of quick returns and fast pace internet get rich quick schemes, it easy to look for immediate fixes. We are all in a hurry for results, but to develop the right level of expertise, we need time to develop our skills.

Be the expert

There ‘experts’ are all around us, they claim to all be millionaires, the best in their fields. These days, everyone is a ‘genius’ willing to teach us their specially developed system that turns everything you touch into gold.

In reality, there are no quick fixes. If these people can teach you the secret of success, they are ready to teach anyone with a few dollars the same system. It is difficult to have that special knowledge if your teacher is one of those ready to teach anyone with no special skills but a pocket full of cash. There are thousands of them happy to dig their fingers in your wallets, just check out social media adverts.

To be an expert, you have to learn and take your time to develop your skills. I have found that some of the greatest people that ever lived have written about  their experiences in books that we can all learn from. These books, audios, recordings are all available if we are willing to spend the time and a little of money.

In many of us are great seeds that we can plant. Are you one of the great unlikely leaders of the future?

History has shown that great talents are not reserved for the ‘special’ ones

An Unlikely Leader.

Financial fitness YouTube video



Being an expert allows us to take control of things, especially the management of money. The skill to manage essential resources gives us freedom to do whatever we want and whenever.

Great knowledge is available only a few clicks away. YouTube is a great teacher and so many people share their know-how for free.


I have written before about my love of FutureLearn. There are so many courses available for free from some of the top universities. This is knowledge at a few clicks away. I am a great supporter of FutureLearn , part of UK’s largest university. Get a taste of their immerse knowledge.

FutureLearn US

Continuous learning provides freedom.

To be an expert at anything does not require us to be the best in our field, we just have to have an interest and a burning desire in that field. Let it be something that you have an interest in and you will be learning without realising it.

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Wishing you a very happy and prosperous new year