Are you a Badass entrepreneur?

Badass Entrepreneurs

Successful entrepreneurs are confident

Badass entrepreneur?

Let us start by finding out what it means to be a Badass entrepreneur? The Urban dictionary definition of Badass is a  tough, uncompromising or intimidating person. In another word; a tough cookie. Not surprisingly, the term originated from the good old USA. Where else?
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In another word, you don’t take any prisoners when it comes to achieving your goals. You are determined and focused on getting things done. Not bad, right?

The term ‘Badass’ has been made popular by Jen Sincero in her  book ‘ You are a Badass; how to stop doubting your greatness a start living an awesome life’. This is a great book to read if you want to be motivated. The author has gone on to write several other books in the Badass series. The book gave positive vibes and encouragement. The author overcame her own struggles. You need to do the same as you embark on your entrepreneurship journey.

A compliment

So, it is a complement to be referred to as a ‘Badass entrepreneur’. The opposite of the word is someone who is weak or indecisive. As an entrepreneur you definitely don’t want to be known as weak or indecisive.

In that case every entrepreneur should try to become a Badass entrepreneur. It is better to be known as a Badass than just another entrepreneur with a dream. Entrepreneurship is tough and risky. The few successful ones are handsomely rewarded.
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It is better to be full of confidence and leading the way than just trying to copy others. Entrepreneurs are leaders and innovators. You don’t have to come up with brand new ideas, but by reading great books, connecting with great minds you may be able to cobble together your own idea of what the future will look like.
Sometimes as we search through different options, it seems all great ideas have been executed, but that is not the case. We must keeping searching for that golden nugget that is just going to be you. Successful ideas are not restricted to particular groups of people, country, age or sex. We just have to keep searching for what makes us feel happy and comfortable.

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Becoming yourself

Being a Badass entrepreneur is about becoming the best version of yourself. Successful entrepreneurship is not about being rich or by comparing ourselves to others, but about achieving our goals.

Elon Musk has been described as a ‘disruptive entrepreneur’, but I will go even further as to call him a Badass entrepreneur. In many instances, he has gone against what many believe to be the norm and has come out successful. Building a very sexy electric car at a time when everyone thought it was impossible or launching a fourth space shuttle into space having failed three times and at the brink of bankruptcy.  That is gangster “badassing” at its best.

Dream big

Let your goal be as big as our mind can conceive, there is no point in playing small. Plan to be the best version of yourself. You may still be searching for your main purpose in life, but fear not as life itself is a never ending journey of experiences.
So here is to being the “baddest” Badass version of yourself.

If you need any self motivation  click here

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