Access to Finance and Mortgages

Money makes the world go round

Finance is the life blood of many businesses. In Africa and in Nigeria in particular, many financial institutions require collateral or securities far in excess of the amount to be borrowed. Easy access to low interest rate is still a dream for most entrepreneurs, but if you know the right people, then there are several grants and ‘soft loans’ for entrepreneurs with the right innovative ideas and business.

The dream of owning is a house is also one of life’s most important achievement. The English has a saying that “an English man’s house is his castle”. We all need a place to put our heads down every night. There are several options that allows you to own your own house rather than continue to pay rent to landlords. Speak to us about the most competitive mortgage rates that allows you to live in your dream house as you pay off the mortgage and eventually own the house rather than continue to pay landlords. Your own house is also an asset that you can pass on to your children.