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Enterprise Doctors (ED) provides Business oriented  Training for individuals and businesses

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Understanding Finance for Cost Reduction Planning

Enterprise Consultancy and Training

At ED, we want your business to be as unique as you. Our job is to learn as much about you and become a partner in your growth and development. It is lonely  being an entrepreneur, but we have been there and we know what it takes, we are happy to be a part of your journey.

The secret of great athletes lie in the coaching and training they receive. The trainers and coaches also challenge, motivate and encourage them to greater heights. Do you need a someone who can help to push you further than you had ever imagined in your business


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Financial Fitness

Are your finances as lean, mean and merciless are you are?

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Training course on money management


We are practicing entrepreneurs ourselves. We help to design solutions that are forward thinking and innovative

Strategic  Training

Training is a critical part of learning new things and every organization and individual needs to understand money better. At ED, we specialize in financial training that will make sure you  understand  and you are take advantage of the  most innovative products that will  give you the competitive edge.

For individuals, we provide training to help you manage your personal finance better.

The difference with ED

The ED difference is that we are with you all the way. As entrepreneurs helping you to find a solution is what we do best. This may be in the form of new solutions, access to finance or helping your to network or work collaboratively with like minded people. Our job is to provide you with the best advice and support to make your business to succeed.

We focus on strategic, customised training to suit individual circumstances.

With extensive knowledge of the IT industry, it is no wonder that we sometimes make use of IT and even complex computer systems to help find a solution to your operational and cost management issues.


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