Why study for an MBA

Training and education are important for entrepreneurs to gain new knowledge, apart from being in a class, online training is now a very popular and cheaper option to learn from the best universities in the world.

Why study for MBA


Why the MBA?

The MBA is one of the most prestigious business degrees. Many senior managers, potential senior managers and entrepreneurs take the route to learn, meet other like minded people and develop their business strategy.

Do we need to study for an MBA? I am a great supporter of the MBA and I believe all managers, business owners and entrepreneurs should at least have some training in how to run and manage organisations. The problem is that it takes a lot of money to get a great education. A good distance learning MBA can set you back over £10,000 and for some of the top universities that number can be more than £30000. This is a lot of money for many people.

Importance of training

It is estimated that there are over 585 million entrepreneurs worldwide, most of these people are small business operators. Majority will be unable to afford a great education, hence many will struggle to pay for such a highly critical but important training. Many researches have shown that training can help to improve entrepreneurial success rate, but still many have no opportunity to learn due to the high cost of business education.

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A teacher on a popular MBA course, I have been thinking of putting together and also to help those interested in understanding what we teach in business schools. We are developing online courses that people can learn from and become expert in business without going through the rigours of the exams and at your own pace, but even those who are planning to study for an MBA can do a taster at their own pace to determine if the course is for them.

Online Solution

You can now learn about mergers and acquisition from some of the top universities from the comfort of your home. The link can help

FutureLearn Limited

Study mergers and acquisition

The course is to help those interested in business to get clarity about a business they are planning or allow them to conduct a business plan or get goals. If you need to become an entrepreneur, the MBA may not be appropriate, but if you need to get a job, then a certificate may be important in securing the post. This training provides practical help in understanding business.

Even before the corona virus many of the best universities and training centres are already offering their course on line

Invest in your education and training  without leaving your job or changing your
FutureLearn LimitedManagement course

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