When opportunity knocks


Seeing opportunities in new horizon

Entrepreneurship is about making sure you are ready when opportunity knows. But sometimes, you may just have to keep your eyes open or it may come in the form of a solution.

Here is an interesting story. Sahar Hashemi and her brother started Coffee Republic because when Sahar was in New York she loved the coffee provided by Starbucks. She was irritated that the same shops were not available in the UK. You must understand the Brits prefer tea to coffee, but the lady was not going quietly. She, a lawyer informed her brother who was an investment banker.

The quest for solution

The seed was sown and like all entrepreneurs on a mission, she wanted to find a way to resolve the matter and on they went. They started Coffee Republic and the rest is history. They sold the company later and are both now investors and motivators. The moral of the story is that the idea of a coffee shop was only new to the UK, but despite being turned down multiple times, they persevered because they believe they were trying to solve a problem. There are now many coffee shops across the UK. Even Starbucks the leader was afraid of getting into the UK until the siblings stepped in.  

Entrepreneurship quality

Opening our eyes everywhere for opportunities

Entrepreneurship consists of taking risks, but not necessarily new ground breaking ideas. Both Sahar and Bobby found the setup challenging, they had to change their strategies several times, they tried franchising, they closed down some shops and even sold part of the business.

Entrepreneurship is not for the faint hearted, it requires hard work and even asking for help, but it can be very rewarding. The siblings wrote a book and have made significant impact to the lives of others even after selling their company. As investment banker and lawyer, their contributions might have gone unnoticed, but as entrepreneurs, they have created a legacy.

For more information about Sahar check out Wikipedia Sahar Hashemi

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