When Sir David talks, the world listens

FDW7WY Sir David Attenborough, English broadcaster and naturalist, at his home in Richmond, Borough of Richmond upon Thames, England UK

Copyright:Credit: Jeff Gilbert / Alamy Stock Photo

Sir David Attenborough is a veteran broadcaster who after decades in his field has the voice of reason and the manner of a saint. Sir David has used his position to highlight the issues affecting our environment and many policy makers better listen. Whilst most of us are now aware of environment issues.  Sir David thinks that there are even bigger problems with the creatures in our seas. In a recent documentary, he highlighted the issues of over fishing in the oceans, with more than 70% of fish disappearing from the oceans in the very near future.

The problem of over fishing in our oceans were highlighted many years ago, then we created artificial ponds and fisheries so that fish can be farmed like  animals, but it seems fishing in open seas help us to get a lot of fishes rather quicker than having to farm them in artificial ponds, but what happens when we run out of fish?

The seas are part of our eco system and creatures of the seas must be allowed to coexist with humans. Entrepreneurs must find solutions to this issue and do so fast. There is no evidence that fishes that are artificially farmed contain less proteins or are any less tasty than those caught in open seas.

As entrepreneurs finding solutions to these great challenges create their own opportunities. Entrepreneurship is about finding solutions to common issues and problems.

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