What is your why?

Entrepreneurs need to know what is driving them

Your why will drive you during tough times

As entrepreneurs, we can sometimes be at a loss in finding our purpose. I find myself sometimes being lost in thoughts and on some pretty tough days, it is normal to just float around practically struggling to achieve any goals. But if we know the purpose of our journey, then we are more focus on the purpose or our Why?. The purpose of our existence.

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We are always in search of opportunities and the strive to be better. That search can lead to confusion or even just difficulty in determining what we really want to do. If you are like me, you get up in the morning to check for news and you are bombarded by people selling one thing or the other. The ones who are willing to help you become billionaires whilst recording their videos in a dilapidated building. You know the ones who want to sell you the make money quickly schemes. We have all being there and who doesn’t want to become a millionaire and get all the benefits and trimmings that life can give us?

The Purpose

Here is why having a purpose can really help you. Because you know where you are going, you input your  final destination in your satellite navigation system, once you do that, you are undistracted by the surrounding noise. Of course you may at some point have to look around to see what is out there, but only to stop at the service station to take a breather as you continue on your journey towards your destination.

My challenge to you now is to determine your purpose. What exactly do you want to do? What gets you up bright and early in the morning? Better still what gets you excited every time you think about it. For some people it is drawing, writing music, writing poetry or working outdoors in their garden etc. Not all the things that get you going will be good business ideas. I love playing tennis, I enjoy it and have been playing for many years. It is fun and playing with my pals is just wonderful, but I won’t want to play tennis everyday of my life or even coach a non player. It is not something I will make a career out of despite the fact that I love playing. But a coach at my club really enjoys playing, even with those who have never played before. I have not got the patience to teach new people, even though I am not that good myself. It is not my calling to teach tennis, but finance and entrepreneurship, I can teach until the cows come home.

Back to my why or reason for being. It has taken me a long time to come to determine what I really enjoy doing and combining my true love of teaching finance with my love of entrepreneurship. It finally hits home. I love teaching entrepreneurs about finance. How cool  is that?  Being able to mix my knowledge of finance to help entrepreneurs become more successful.

Competition makes life more interesting

As an entrepreneur myself, I know it is difficult to succeed in a very competitive world, I wish I had someone to speak to or seek guidance about things, but I didn’t. It can be lonely being an entrepreneur. Hence the success rate for entrepreneurs is very low, we have to improve on that. Most entrepreneurs put their lives, savings and even their health on the line. So it is always sad when someone fails in their venture. So how can we help them to increase their success rates.

The USA SBA ( Small Business Administration) believe that one of the reasons entrepreneurs fail is lack of financial knowledge. Sometimes not knowing what to do or how to keep, interpret or act of the financial information. Some business owners don’t even know the right price to charge for their services. My purpose is to help entrepreneurs to be more aware of these issues and help them to make the best choices.

Help is at hand

The most difficult problem for struggling entrepreneurs is knowing where to look for help when it is needed and before it is too late.

So now that I have told you my reason for being? What is yours?

Find your why and then start thinking on how we can provide value to your clients.

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