Entrepreneurship Training

Learning does not have to be in the class and definitely must be fun. It can also be free. Click below on free entrepreneurship courses

FutureLearn Limited

Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels

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Strategic Management
• Entrepreneurship and Innovation
• Marketing Strategy
• Financial Analysis
• Finance for non Finance managers
• Personal Finance Management
• Corporate Governance
• Business Planning and critical report writing

Training has to do with our continue search for self development. Our training is focused on finance and related training. The ability to manage money and other resources better means that we may be able to avoid wastage but also invest smarter and get more returns for our money.

Time is an important factors, our training also helps to focus on getting the best out of the limited time that we have.

One of our training programmes helps entrepreneurs to consider options, plan for the future whilst enjoying the present. What about deciding on the strategic future goals of your company?

Training and coaching can be one on one or in a group.
Make every penny work as hard as you have worked for your money.

Our wealth management training allows you to understand the psychology of money and how best to make savings, review your assets and make suggestions on passive income and future planning.

These training sessions are essential for anyone with a plan for the future.

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