There is no limit

We are only limited by our imagination

It is often said that there are no limits except the ones that we put on ourselves. It is difficult not to be put off by those who see the world from their own limitations. There have been great strides over the last 200 years than in the previous 2000 years. With that in mind, it is easy to conclude that we have reached the height of development. That might have been so, at least that was what people thought in the 1960’s, then personal computers, the internet, mobile phones, microwave, electric cars and the list goes on. Everyday, there are people working tirelessly trying to break new grounds, do the impossible. These people believe there is no limit in whatever they plan to achieve. They are driven by the belief that whatever we can dream, we can achieve.

Giant steps

It is difficult from our current standing position to see the world differently. People always mention Roger Bannister and the 4 minute mile. No one before 1954 ran a mile in less than 4 minutes. At that time, it was believed to be impossible for humans to do so. Many athletes tried to break the record including at the 1948 and 1952 Olympic Games but failed. Surprisingly, Bannister came 5th in the 1500 meters at the 1952 Olympic Games, but desperately wanted to be the first man to run the mile under 4 minutes. That focus helped and turned Bannister into an icon today. He ran the mile in 3:59.04 minutes. That record that stood for so long only lasted 46 days and it has now been broken so many times. The current record for the mile is 3:46.13 by Hisham El Guerrouj of Morocco.

Belief it is possible

It took belief and determination, but once people realised that it was possible for a human to run under 4 minutes, then the flood gates opened and over 1400 athletes have now done it. The world though remembers the first person with the gusto to do it.

In your quest for excellence, never be afraid to be the trail blazer. Never let people tell you something has never been done or it is impossible for you to do anything. It does not matter whether or not anything is possible. You owe it to yourself to be the best version of yourself.

Why are some people so driven to make a difference? Here is an example of what our beliefs can get us. In the USA, for over 200 years, all Presidents were white men. There is no doubt that have been more capable women and men from other ethnicity over that period. Many might have given up even before they stepped into the ring to context. At the 44th time of asking, a man believed that he was capable of becoming the most powerful man in the world and he did. I also believe that with Hilary Clinton so close in 2016, it will only be a matter of time before the US produces a female president.

Glass ceilings

Every day, glass ceilings are being broken, the impossible are being made possible by the actions of the people who believe that anything is possible. These people are mostly right.

Space exploration is another race that humanity has been pursuing with great determination and enthusiasm. In time, this will be something that we will also achieve. Why are we making so much progress? We have learned from experience that by concentrating on one or two things at a time, we become experts in that field. That specialisation allows us to be the best in that field. Genius is formed when we focus. When we focus, the impossible becomes possible.

What is your ‘One thing’?


No limit

Children do not start with any limitations, hence they do things with freedom and achieve great results. We need to search for our inner strength where we believe that we can achieve our dreams and we will.

Everyday, try to challenge yourself to be better. we must try to go the extra mile today than we did yesterday. Improvements of 1% per day is very small, but over a period of 1 year amounts to a substantial increase in our performance.

Commit to daily self improvement and in no time, you would be well on your way to life where you will achieve substantial progress and there is no limit to what you can achieve.

Dream no small dream…

For those old enough to remember, here is a song to enjoy by 2 unlimited.