The UAE effect

Build something magical and the world will come looking for you. If you have always wondered about reason for the success of the UAE and the cities of Abu Dhabi and Dubai as tourist destination, then you may not be the only one. There are more than 12 flights per day from London a day to Dubai. The emirate prides itself in doing everything in humongous sizes. One of the few countries with more foreigners than locals. The UAE continues to break new grounds and attract fascinated tourists in large numbers.

Real estate is big business in the UAE, mostly owned by foreigners, but you cannot but wonder why so many global organisations are located within the emirate. The emirate has remained an attraction for many tourists, the number of the tourists being deposited and the planes arriving daily to the country must break a few world records, especially for a country of that size and in the middle of the desert.




As a tourist destination, the UAE knows how to attract tourists, from the Emirates airline with the spacious seating and the luxury airport and well planned transport system, the country is a model for many developing countries to emulate.

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