Teachers’ moments of pride

The reason we teach

When you read articles and watch the news about badly behaved kids, you may wonder why anyone will want to teach. The job is not known for its generous benefits  and you get insulted in the process. So you may wonder who in their right mind will want to become a teacher. But teaching has its moments.

I was not a disruptive student, far from it, I was one of the ones who  sat quietly at the back of the class day dreaming of far distance places or some far fetched ideas. I was  barely noticed in class.  I could have, if  challenged, learned more, so I particularly want to challenge my students.

A pleasure all the way.

With many years of life experiences and knowledge of working in the ‘real world’, it was time to give back. I remember my first experience, preparing for a teaching interview was terrifying enough but I had the smiling faces of the interviewees and that helped a lot. A few weeks later, I was in front of a class. I prepared like never before, but I visited the toilet more times than I cared to remember. The lesson, it is okay to be nervous, but  if you are afraid of doing something, then you definitely must try it. There is great  pleasure at the other side of fear.

A year of contrast

2020 was a year never to be forgotten on many fronts, despite the challenges, I have some of the most incredible students. They are smart and collaborative, risen to the challenges of unconventional ways of studying and with majority of them new to the country, they are shinning stars of the future.

There cannot be many years more challenging than 2020 ( we hope). The stories we will tell, but it can only get better from here. The students have coped well and despite the difficult circumstances have taken things well in their strides.

So as a teacher, these are moments of pride. Seeing students rise to challenges and overcome difficult obstacles.

Always worth taking risks and going for it.

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