Struggle for business survival

Survival in business demands a lot of hard work

The dream

Every year many businesses struggle to make ends meet and eventually some business owners see their dreams of independence falter or disappear into thin air. In many instances, this may just be due to frustration or the believe that they have come to the end of the road.

In some instances, the businesses could have been helped if the owners accepts or seeks professional help in good time. I have witnessed many business owners who would rather ‘go down fighting’ that listen to the advice of others because they don’t want to change with the times which is a shame when you consider the impact of not seeking help. Not all experts will have the same resources and funding that Gordon Ramsey has, but a last minute injection of ideas may be the only thing that may keep that dream alive.

Asking for help

Never be too proud to seek good advice because in some instances, you may be focused too much on the business to notice a very strong competitor. Many people will remember the fall of Blackberry and even Nokia in the mobile phone sector. These former juggernauts have now been reduced to rubbles because they failed to spot the impending rise of smart phones by their competitors at the time.

If you don’t know what a blackberry phones look like, Blackberry


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