The Review of “Make money at home- cash on demand”

The book

The essence of entrepreneurship is the need to make money and do things innovatively. This may include quick and easy ways of doing things and even new processes. It is therefore not surprising that entrepreneurs will be interested in schemes that will turn a simple process into cash and save a lot of money, especially if it involves working from the comfort of your homes, paying off debt, travel on holiday and endless cash on the tap.

Here begins the catch 22, there are hundreds of books, articles, video clippings telling everyone how quick and easy it is to make money on the internet, we can blog, sell through Amazon fulfilment and even the use of Google keywords. The schemes are limitless and the quest to show us how to make money from the comfort of our homes doing almost sweet nothing goes on. The google keyword analytics used to be so simple, but these days, there are so many analysis and companies who specialise in SEO and one form of analysis or the other.

I was given a book to review by a friend who attended a seminar that he paid a lot of money to attend but didn’t understand what it was all about. The book had been gathering dust but yesterday I decided to review this # 1 best selling book and behold, it was full of the normal information we were bombarded with 20 years ago. The spirit of “No deposit” property investments still lives on. Does anyone remember the property seminars, the Day trading seminars as well as many other ‘get rich quick’ schemes. Oh! I better not forget the “Wine investment” one as well.

The ” Make money at home-Cash on Demand” by Andrew Reynolds was one of those books. The whole book was full of “I have made so much money from nothing”. If there is a book full of bravado and lacks content this must be it. Then you skip through to page 83 and the guy tells you to go back if you have skipped through and then begins to tell you again about the importance of following his method exactly. The number of times he repeats his humble background and his hardworking parents will make you feel depressed for the poor souls. On page 86, he tells you about the steps, all he has been trying to tell you is using keywords to find products which you can then resell to others, using the equivalent of Amazon fulfilment. OK, you can find different products to buy cheaply and sell at a huge profit. A CD bought for £50 that you can sell for £997 each, really?.

There are a couple of good advice, collect the email addresses of everyone visiting your website. Of course I get a lot of junk mails like everyone else, but guess what, they end up in my junk or deleted in annoyance. Andrew Reynolds is good at motivating people and that is one good thing about the book, but I have never read a book so much about self promotion and by the way, if you need any help, he is happy to help you for a monthly fee. For a guy who is retired, he is doing a lot of work. For a guy who is rich, he is not as generous as he claimed.

If you get the book for free, read it for its comedy value. I am really happy for those who have made millions from the book and I am sure there will be some, to please get in touch with me. For the rest of us, its better to continue to live in the real world and provide real product and services for real people.

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