The Pope, humility and leadership.

Pope Francis from

The Pope, as the head of the Catholic church is a well respected man. Since Pope Francis came to power, he has used his position to unite people of different religions. He has also changed the role of the Pope.

At 82, the pontiff has a few health issues, but that did not stop him from going down to kiss the shoes of rival South Sudan leaders in the name of peace. Great leaders and entrepreneurs are not afraid of going to extraordinary lengths in their search for solutions and quest for things that will better the lives of others.

The pope is also known for his extraordinary level of kindness and he is renown for his messages of peace

The Pope despite the odds against world peace continues to dream about the possibilities of a world without conflict, just like a true entreprenuer

The focus for all entrepreneurs is making a difference, even when the odds are completely stacked against us.

Entrepreneurs are people with compassion and humilityto find solutions whilst meeting the needs of others

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