A passion for Aviation- Sam Chui

For anyone interested in turning their hobbies into their work, no one is a better example than  Sam Chui. Sam is all about aviation and travel and many people have tried to copy the man, but very  few have succeeded. There are several reasons for this which includes Sam’s demeanour and very approachable, but knowledgeable way of presenting facts.
Personally, I love Sam’s humility and sense of enjoyment. He rarely spoke about himself, but always about his audience.Just in case you have not got it yet, I am a great fan of Sam and I will love everyone to take a leaf from his life. The attached video shows the amount of work that goes into  trying to be the best, but if you enjoy what you do, then it’s always going to be a pleasure.

It may take a bit of time to find out what you really want to do, but you must find it. I spent several years doing a job I really did not enjoy, but it paid the bills, then one day, I had enough and I had never been happier walking out after 20 years. These days, I work weekends and even look forward to my full days  of work as a university lecturer. Everyday I get the opportunity to be among future leaders and impacting knowledge into them is a pleasure that is indescribable.

This week, colleagues and I took the students on a trip about looking for their future roles and I managed to combine my love of travel on a coach with walking around the NEC in Birmingham, UK.

When people love what they are doing, they go to extra ordinary lengths, they are creative and always at their best. We must continue to search for those things that we are passionate about, not what makes money for others. We are all individuals and finding that thing that differentiates you from the rest of the world is the holly grail of our existence.I hope you will find yours.

To be an successful entrepreneur, you must first find your love and passion. I wish you well in your journey.

The images above were all made of cakes, more about my cake heaven at Birmingham NEC and how creative those making cakes have become because it is now a passion not only for professionals but we can now all talk cakes thanks to the Great British Bake off.

Look out for why I love Nigella Lawson ( well who doesn’t)  and more about my cake trip.

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