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No matter where you live, education can now be accessible by almost anyone (of course you need the internet and a bit of money). But the barriers to a great education is slowly coming down with these free courses.

It does not happen often especially not in the education sector. Collaborations between different institutions  has led to a spectacular result. Free courses mean more people with access to the internet can now improve their knowledge.

FutureLearn is a partnership between some of the world’s best universities to offer courses and training programme. These institutions are from every corner of the world in almost every field imaginable.  The university of Oxford, Kings College London from the UK, but cast your sight further and some of the best universities in the USA, Australia, Canada and more have also donated courses. What is even more spectacular is that several of their short courses are free. The last time I counted (April 2021), there are hundreds  free courses. Reed, the recruitment company also has some free courses as well

Of course, not all the courses are free, but you can subscribe to get unlimited access to some of the best brains. The website is also very good for professionals who have to record their CPD (Continuous Professional Development) hours. CPD compliance can cost hundreds of dollars every year for many professionals.

If you want to study for a degree or a specialist post graduate course, you can do so from the comfort of your home and whilst keeping your day job. Imagine a world class education as you go about your daily routine. This is truly education without limit.

So whether it is a course on Cyber security

FutureLearn Limited
What about an MBA from Coventry university? It will take 1-year full time or 2 years part time and set you back £18,000, but remember you don’t need to pay for accommodation if you are studying online from your own country.

Interested in short courses, try the unlimited access that ends on the 19th April 2021.

30% OFF FutureLearn Unlimited! Back by popular demand – Enjoy one year of short courses for one fixed price – Ending 19th of April

But these are not the only ones offering courses. YouTube is awash with courses


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