The importance of Training

Training is a way of learning from the trainees point to view, but about impacting knowledge and showing people what otherwise they may not be aware of or better ways of doing things. In all, training is about passing knowledge to others from an expert in a field.
It is sometimes easy to overlook such an important aspect of our lives, especially when we are busy with other things, but training expands the mind and our knowledge in a dynamic and ever changing environment.
There are different types of training and it can occur either in the classroom or online, it can also be self taught or you can learn from others, but the important element of training is really about learning and becoming better. Training extends into even physical exercises to make us stronger or fitter. For entrepreneurs, training can provide the much needed expertise in areas where this is needed.
Apart from entrepreneurship related training sessions, it is also important for entrepreneurs to make sure they are in the best physical shapes of their lives as this can help to get the brains  thinking and working as its best. Research has shown that physical activity or exercising for just an hour not only clears the mind, but helps us to think better and most importantly to keep in good physical shape.

In your quest for good ideas, don’t overlook the importance of training and continuous learning and personal development.

Dr. Ade Otukoya B.Sc, LLB, FCCA, MBA, PhD